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"We love this house. We love this collaboration of Rose and Joel; this place that was a nest first for their family and then for ours. Joel framed the house in the wood that he took to clear the property. He had the lumber milled at a sawmill that used to be around the corner from the property. When you stand anywhere in this house, you can feel this integrity that the house is structured upon. The house, in its nature, is organically grown. Rose's influence is strong as well. When they lived here, it seems that Joel spent some fair amount of time building ever-increasing art-studio space for his wife. This endeavor produced a house that has the feel of a farmhouse .. you know, with wonderful additions built on for extended family… only these light-filled additions were added for the dear artist-in-residence, Rose. There is nothing slick or pretentious about the space; it's family-friendly. It's our kind of gorgeous, with beautiful and functional private and shared space.

Not many people notice that the interior of the house spirals like a conch shell. That's alright; not everyone is as tuned into design elements in that way. Nevertheless, everyone feels the peaceful expansiveness. Oh and yes, the engineers who checked the house out for our mortgage were honestly impressed. I recall lots of smiles and reports of "overbuilt by today's standards".

There's lots of glass and so the air in the house is fresh and filled with light. We have pine scented breezes. We have beautiful materials in this house .. wood, stone and brick salvaged and recycled from local historic buildings. We have loads of room ... and that thing about "overbuilt" has proven to be quite true. When we decided to put in walk-in closets (not a personal Rose and Joel kind of necessity ) we discovered that there is an extra house in these walls! When it was time to build a garden, I took my cues from inside and used the same materials outside. The inspiration came naturally. I can assure you, that kind of inspiration is not an uncommon experience for those of us fortunate enough to live in a house that Joel and Rose built. I hope you afford yourself the privilege of the experience. You'll be happy with your good decision."

Maragaret Doocey | see this house

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"We are thrilled with the work that Joel did in renovating our house.  Among other things, he tore out and renovated our 3 1⁄2 bathrooms and re-did almost our entire kitchen, which entailed re-configuring and installing new fixtures and a new floor and moving the adjacent laundry room to a large linen closet upstairs.  He also replaced and re-designed the stone path in front of the house and replaced all of our windows, our septic system, and oversaw the painting of the house (interior and exterior), and the replacement of the roof.  Additionally, he built us a beautiful screened-in porch which supports an upper deck and hot tub.
Not only is Joel extremely reliable and skillful, he brings in reliable and skillful subcontractors when needed.  As a bonus, he has a superb aesthetic sense. He helped us make numerous decisions on materials, colors and fixture styles and had innovative design ideas.  Additionally, he has a great sense of humor and is an absolute pleasure to work with.  We also found his rates to be extremely reasonable.
After Joel completed our house, we recommended him to friends, who were also delighted with him and his work."
Amy Rothstein and Peter Salerno

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"It is our pleasure to describe the home we live in, which was built by Rosemary Fox and Joel Goldberg.

We have lived in our Ross-Fox-built home, cleverly nestled (by Joel's design and good aesthetic sense) in the woods on Mountain Road, Shokan, NY, since January, 1995, and have grown to love and appreciate this beautiful creation of theirs more and more each year.

The house is as sturdy now as when it was built, and is a delight of Function as well as Beauty. Joel has an innate architectural organic sense, with an enormous confidence and love of what he sets out to accomplish.

Joel and Rosemary's artistry seamlessly combine Solid Accents, a Rustic Element, and an Airy Atmosphere.

Rosemary's tiles are exquisite, beautiful and clever, and are as delightful now as they were when we moved in. Her intuitive input is evident in the house's pleasing layout and artistic accents. While we have added to the house - an effort we were pleased Joel undertook for us when our need for space changed several years after purchasing our home - we have not had to repair any part of the original."

Bob and Nola Tischler | see this house

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"Ross Rox construction is every person's dream. Why? The project was finished on time.RFC is a great company to deal with. The talented group of people working at RFC all bring diiferent assets to the table. This is why projects run so well.They are a team working to achieve the best for each client

Competitive bidding
Creative staff
Project management
Time management.
Give RFC a call. They return your call."

John Champion

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"My wife and I had looked at a lot of houses and by the time we saw Joel and Rose's architecturally unique truss house (whose rooms are arranged to make the most of the sun's movement from dawn till day's end,) we knew that we'd found our dream house. It was new, yet it has all the charm of an old mill house; it has many antique interior details: an art nouveau bathroom door replete with an etched glass window, a myriad of beautiful hand painted and tiles and sinks and details too numerous to mention. . We worked with Joel to make a more open floor plan and a wonderful multi-level entertainment deck. He was a joy. Rose did a gorgeous painted flower garland on the dining room walls and details on two giant gothic church windows that Joel installed in the living room. Rose's tile work throughout the house is themed and intricate-- an angel bathroom; biology bathroom; floral sinks; 1950's advertising kitchen, and et cetera. There's even a 6 foot fireplace with a tile relief above it. And there are wood burning stoves to augment the oil heat-- something that is useful in these days of high energy costs.

Joel and Rose were sensitive, intuitive and attentive. Everyone who comes to my house is awestruck by its beauty, elegance and thoughtful design. I recommend them without reservation."

Hiram Levit | see this house

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